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My dash is either:

A. Naked chicks

B. Cars

C. White Hate

D. Vegan Pet Discussion

E. Feminism


it was a 2 second video

I had to click it

I had to know what could possibly happen in two short seconds

(via whoring101)

Holy. Fuck. LOL


What I want to do to your father… And sister… And I would do it to your mother but she’s an evil force if like you to grow old with… Stupid cunt I’ll fucking kill you one day. One day you get a new phone and I’m far in the past, that way all the screenshots of posts like this, you’ll have zero access to. You’re done for. Even if it’s not tomorrow , or tonight… IM COMING FOR YOU EVENTUALLY.

^ Fucked up individuals like that are the reason things like this happen. Keep promoting it guys, that’ll help.