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Gonna address some myths that plague the fitness industry about women actually lifting heavy weights, and jumping on lifting programs “for men”.

1. “I don’t want to lift heavy weights because i don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.”
- That’s like saying that you don’t want to eat that slice of pizza, because you don’t want to become morbidly obese. Acquiring a bodybuilder physique requires years of training, flawless diet, lots of money, and a whole lot of syringes.

2. “Lifting heavy will make me look manly, lower my voice, make me grow stubble, and my clitoris will turn into a large horse cock.”
- An average woman will never get as muscular, and as strong as an average man. If two were given the same opportunities, same diet, and same training program, the guy will always look bigger, and he will make strength gains almost twice as fast.
Now, before you call me a mysoginistic bigot (yay for Tumblr), let me explain why that is.
Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth. The more natural Test you have, the better your potential. Testosterone levels in women, by nature, is low as it is overpowered by high estrogen.
Yes, lifting heavy weights does spike Testosterone, but the spike is so minimal, it will cause absolutely no changes to your face, voice, or your clitoris.
The reason why those female bodybuilders look like men with make up and breast implants is because… Ding, ding- you guessed it- Testosterone injections and other steroids.

3. “Won’t just eating clean and doing cardio give me the same effects?”
- Cardio is great. It burns calories, and protects your pretty little heart from pre mature heart attacks.
Cardio alone, however, doesn’t cause enough hypertrophy. Aka, it only burns fat, and your muscle mass remains virtually untouched, and if you overdo it (to the extreme, like 2 hours everyday while eating almost nothing), it will actually cannibalize your muscles.
Cardio alone will get you slim. Lifting will get you fit.













What universe are we building? …

One where the rich get richer and the poor get told to shut the fuck up


Yo. That’s an issue.


How the fuck are you going to tell me what to do with my food?

Wait what???? Is this real????

Can somebody provide an article or?


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Because it’s just best to wait for them to die out. 

This reminds me of “don’t feed the pigeons” signs. Another way to dehumanize homeless people.

I tell myself no fucking way but then I look at shit that’s happening in other issues we continue to fuck up more and can only imagine what else were doing more.

I become more disgusted with humans every day that goes by.

This is so fucking ridiculous…Fine me. Arrest me. Fuck you.

To the guy that asked “How the fuck are you going to tell me what to do with my food?” Ask the same question for the regulations on water, guns, driving, energy, hell even light bulb usage. You think you’re free? Think again.

Dear past me

A question by Anonymous


Harden the fuck up.

Eat more.

Lift more, 

Run more.

Quit bitching, put your head down, and go to work.

Nobody will save you except yourself. 



What’s up with the denny’s tumblr? Does a national restaurant chain really need to post such stupid stuff?

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

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