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Dreams are fucked

The U.S is producing almost 9 million barrels of oil a day…9 MILLION…and gas is the most expensive it’s ever been.

I don’t get it.

I love youre arguments to stupid or ridiculous posts. I feel like I always have the same view on them and then see you wrote something similar to what im thinking.

A question by be4idieiwant2

I can’t help myself sometimes. Half the people on this website are looking for some kind of handout or miracle fix to their problems and somewhere along the way they’re going to find out that no one is coming to save them and then what?

Also I’m a cynical sarcastic asshole so…there’s that too.





So I just wrote this for my Math teacher and I felt it was appropriate. Someone’s got to speak out for us right?

Just an hour after I posted this a police officer took me to the office and they talked to me about this because my teacher turned it in. So I got in trouble but I refused to take the post down because this is so important to me. We don’t have many people speaking out against mental illnesses and we have to start somewhere.

Kid if you think finding the x-intercept of an equation most people can do in their head in about half a second you’re going to find the rest of life a lot, lot harder.

That statement made no sense but ok…..
Meaning understood anyway

How does it not make sense? The poster is spewing teenage angst on a fucking Algebra II test…my point was if he put any effort at all into paying attention in class he could do the assignment easy, be done with it, get good grades, then go home and cry on his blog.